​Passion. That thing that keeps you going. No matter how much people say you can’t do something, you just pay deaf ears and stubbornly move on the rickety ladder. Passion. It burns within you. That zeal to do something great, spectacular, something like no other. It eats you up each day you are not a step closer to your destiny. Passion. An immense desire to do something no matter the odds. Passion. It’s within you. Passion ignites creativity, unchains your capacity to create and frees you into a world of endless possibilities. That’s why a poet can write about love in fifty different dimensions and still is ready to give a hundred more. Passion triggers you to think beyond what’s obtainable into something vague that you’d later see clearly.Because it is an invisible key, you must be blind to distractions in order to see it. Passion transcends time, race, tribe, culture and gender. On this note, I say that a journey of a thousand miles doesn’t begin with a step but passion.


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