An Uncommon Spotlight

Let me start this post with a little something about my sister. She is not a fan of things that are common. I mean common products, wears, accessories, etc. Even ideas. Let me redefine common now. Common according to her view is a word that qualifies anything popular that has been overused, abused, mouthed, exaggerated and seems to be like a piece of fabric whose colour and shiny sparkles are washing off.

The digital age has not dawned on Nigeria. Computer imagery is not yet a thing here. Good movies like HALF OF A YELLOW SUN are slowly coming in. Creative writing is not appreciated. Where are the readers? Music is a looping noise here. In fact how many elderly Nigeria citizens can open an email or use the ATM without assistance?

Nigeria is far behind this changing era.

What lurks around now are very uncommon spotlights. When you walk into that spotlight now, in this present recession, in this uninformed environment, you’ll make it big. But making it comes at a price. There is something uncommon about you and what you like to do. Find it and use it. Before talking about scarce resources, the first price you need to pay is your attention and interest.


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